Exception to the 10,000 step rule

View YESTERDAY, atop Berkeley Hills. San Francisco out there, thru the light fog. Sun setting.

5,000 steps/50+ flight of stairs to get to this vista


Today: maybe 4,000 steps and 2 flights of stairs tracked. Why the low numbers? Sometimes when I work with clients I have 10,000 steps in a few hours. Today I was working on the Paper Category with a clients, in her home office, in a small space.

My day began at 5 a.m. and I got back home after 8 p.m.  Combination long drive & eating dinner & a heck of a lot a paper. I wholeheartedly agree with Marie Kondo’s paper prescription: get rid of all of it! Not to be taken literally. 

I am totally okay with not getting my steps in today — I have the gratification of seeing scads of paper ready for recycling and shredder & one more client closer to freedom. 


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