Pulling A Special Mother’s Day Request Card

Almost a month since I was in New York and saw this place of business. 


Pulling A Special Mother’s Day Request Card

Last night I remembered I love my new place, the size is probably just about right (for part-time living).


I had to catch myself comparing myself to other people’s living arrangements. I was concerned others would think me a loser for my lifestyle choices. Maybe I am a loser . . . it’s not over, yet.

I remembered I have made certain choices over the last ten years that are far out there. Jury is out on that one . . . but for now: I made the best decisions for who I am, for better or worse.

Back to cabinets: I am asking if my daughter will go with me to IKEA on Mother’s Day — I need an accountability partner when it comes to having the patience to go through the IKEA kitchen department. I might look at Paxton closest system.

Refrigerator story, later.


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